Reviews for Delicate Particle Logic

From For All EVents – Jo Tomain


“Meitner is a fascinating multi-dimensional character. Byrne is a revelation”


“Keller’s Edith is strong, vulnerable and very curious, with emotions ranging from remotenesss to fierce bitterness, compellingly drawn by Keller’s earthy believability”


“Indra’s Web Theater successfully takes the audience on a meaningful journey of discovery through an important scientific achievement and time that is surprising in its emotional depth and impact. Bravo!”


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From TheatreStorm – Charles Kruger


“If you work in the sciences, love the theatre, but rarely see science or scientists portrayed in performance in a meaningful or convincing way, you will love this play.”


“As the two women, Janet Keller and Teressa Byrne offer wide emotional range. Michael Kern Cassidy as Otto …always clear and concise”


“quite an impressive achievement”  (****)


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“The ensemble is very good, clearly committed to its task of illumination…the story fascinating” – Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet



5-Star rating (highest) – Gold Star reviewers (4 reviewers)



”the ultimate intimate theater experience was seeing Delicate Particle Logic on Saturday night. I emerged feeling smarter than when I entered – it is so much more than ‘entertainment,’ rather intellectual and educational on so many levels. All the performances were exceptional, but particularly Teressa Foss depicting Lise! I keep thinking of all the lines there were to learn. Truly a masterpiece and I’ve been talking about it ever since.”




“perfectly realized creative intertwining and conflict between Hahn and Meitner… features the profound and true Teressa Byrne Foss as Lise Meitner, with Michael Kern Cassidy electrically conveying the challenging inner world of Otto Hahn”

  • Dale Debacksy, Mad Art Lab

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