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Pandemic Rules!

As I write this in late summer 2020,  the world seems to have turned crazy.  As the complete shutdown of theaters in the US (and around the world) is slowly starting to show signs of easing, it is clear that the kind of theatre I am used to doing (in small houses) will be a long time in coming back…maybe another year.  Indra’s Net Theater has suspended operations for the time being.   No productions are being planned until it is more clear what will come out of it all.  No fun, but there it is.

I am taking the time to make some progress on various writing projects.  The Joni Mitchell biopic I workshop-ed last year has drawn to a stand-still because we have not been able to get the proper permissions (any entertainment lawyers or friends of Joni’s out there what to help??).  I am still working on a play about the world of Quantum Physics (tentatively entitled Entanglement) that, at this point, involves John and Mary Bell, Art History, the Beatles, and the Kennedy Assassination (among other things), that is making slow progress.  And I am working on a collection of Plays done by Indra’s Net Theater over the years, that hopefully will be published in early 2022 (as a “20th Century” guy, I can’t believe I am saying “2022”!)

So stay tuned.  I hope that this Pandemic will be under better control soon, and we can get back to something that seems more human, if not the way it was.  As a history fan, I like to think of the times we are in as similar to a century ago.  Remember that everything changed after World War I (movies came in, radio, the automobile, the airplane, modern “media”, and on and on.)  Life in the 1920’s was radically different than it had ever been before.  I suspect we are at one of those transition points now, and the new century is really about to begin.

Stay well, stay safe.  Love and honor each other.  (appropriately distanced, of course!)

Bruce  (Sept. 15, 2020)

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