“Warm” reception to ‘Darwin in Malibu”

Well…the critics liked it and audiences did too!  The sold-out final weekend of ‘Darwin in Malibu’ at the Berkeley City Club (Dec 26, 2016-Jan 15, 2017) left a lot of people asking for more.  We had a lot of very moved patrons send us notes later saying they wished the run was extended so they could invite their friends.  After fighting illness, storms and cold (the play takes place in the middle of summer in a heatwave!) both the cast and audience really enjoyed the ride.  And I did too.   Such an amazing cast and designers!  Beautiful and meaningful, and with a few laughs too!  Thanks Crispin Whittell for a wonderful play, and thanks to cast and crew for a wonderful production!


“Be prepared for a wild ride of imagination”

Robert Gardner, Theatrius

“…a humorous and interesting look into a vital intellectual realm.   The play provides considerable food for thought in an entertaining package.”

Victor Cordell , For All Events

“Robert Ernst is a particularly entertaining bundle of agitation and aggravation as Huxley..”

Sam Hurwitt, San Jose Mercury News

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