‘Partition’ draws strong Reviews, Sold Out audiences and Standing Ovations

Indra’s Net Theater’s production of Ira Hauptman’s ‘Partition’ competes its run at Berkeley City Club on Jan. 14, 2018

Alan Coyne as GH Hardy in ‘Partition’

.  Strong reviews and enthusiastic audiences have lead to Sold-Out houses and standing ovations.  Many thanks to a great cast and wonderful crew, especially for the Indian connection which saw several of our cast back and forth to India during our rehearsal and preview period.  We ended up with a wonderful production and I am sorry to see it close.

The Reviews are in:
Partition works…it touches on numerous issues that have universal significance…the characters are fascinating, and their portrayals by a worthy cast are convincing and engaging….highly entertaining and accessible.”
Victor Cordell, For All Events

“Dramatic and disturbing… played with brusque eccentricity… and at times it’s positively playful”

Sam Hurwitt, The Mercury News

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