Reviews are in for ‘a Time for Hawking’ –

“Astonishing…..Excellent writing and emotionally acute acting keep us engaged, moved and educated during this extraordinary evening of theatre.” 

Charles Kruger, Theaterstorm

In “A Time for Hawking,” Coughran rises to lyrical heights of physics and language—invoking mystical Indian parables to evoke moving planets and stars.

Barry Horowitz, Theatrus

Alan Coyne’s portrayal of Stephen Hawking is riveting and powerful – a wonderful fit of actor to role.  Tirumari Jothi as Jayant is unassuming and unflappable, But Stephen’s alluring nemesis is Jane, played with stunning authority by a wonderful Adrian Deane. Proper and imperious, she is the immovable object that challenges Stephen’s beliefs.

Victor Cordell, For All Events

You might come closer to grokking why time speeds up and slows down, or what exactly theoretical physicists spend their time pursuing, than you ever have before. 

Deane does exquisite work… elevating Jane to a character of molten complexity.

Lily Janiack, SF Chronicle

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